Broadcaster Panel

Platform for the internet broadcasting industry

A place where all actors of the industry will meet and
build a trustful relationship between each other while doing "their" thing...

Platform Highlights

What makes Broadcaster Panel Special?

Radio Automation

Serving Listeners Experiences

Platform to manage your Station
  • Integrated Website & CRM
  • Advanced Media Management
  • Smart Block Randomize
  • DJ, Show & Schedule Management

Media Chain

Serving Artists, Labels & Promoters

Platform to distribute your creativity
  • Smart Contracts
  • Trustful by Blockchain
  • News & Event distribution
  • Return Earning Model

Advertising Network

Providing an audience

Platform for Advertising Agencies
  • Targeting Audience
  • Smart Distributing
  • Trustful by Blockchain
  • Budget & Campaign Manager

Key Broadcaster Features

Bring back your focus on music taste and shows

Media, DJ, Show & Artists comments

Write your own, or let others write what they think of your stations music taste

Third Party Integrations

Get info about your media like related music and bands, popularity, etc...


Bound with your audience and learn to know them better in their music taste...

Become Famous

Let broadcasters know you are out there

Feed stations with news & events

Announce new releases, publish your events and get music industry requests

Publish your media

Decide when, where and how you want to distribute your media into the blockchain

See what your fans like, and don't

Get insights on your success with figures backed by trustful statistics

Choose your Audience

Spread your message to the right listener

Set your own limits

Flexible campaign manager gives you complete control of your budget

Plan ahead

Plan your advertising campaigns whenever you want upon 24 hours in front

Smart Contracts

Setup your own smart contracts, backed by blockchain technology

Project Timeline

It's time to join us already!

  • Q4 2018


    Broadcaster Alpha&Beta

    Teams are being completed

    Broadcaster Panel is going public, starting with gathering feedback, composing the teams for development, testing and partnerships...

  • Q2 2019

    Radio Automation

    Broadcaster Panel

    Broadcasters start to build their station

    It is the major release of the project where it all started with. Made by broadcasters, for broadcasters. Managing an Internet station these days can be a hobby. It sure is in need for creativity and interactivity with their audience...

    Q3 2019

    Media Chain

    Broadcaster Chain

    Bands, labels and their promoters start to register

    Ready for a trustful network? Here we start to share the real figures of the usage of your music. You can help broadcasters while they will help you with playing your work. We will help you being prepared for the future of payouts on royalties!

  • Q1 2020

    Advertising Network

    Broadcaster Adver

    Advertising agencies can start selecting their audience

    Choosing your audience can be done by looking into the figures. Our platform will provide trustful insights on the popularity of broadcasters and build a fair mechanism with pay per listener...

  • Q3 2020

    Chain Reaction

    Broadcaster Full

    All networks should be at full speed now

    Our business model is built on trust, using the blockchain technology. But once all parties are started and work together, our model will become at full speed since the mass can be reached...

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Investment Opportunities

  Broadcaster Panel is currently starting with a lot of passion and some private investments... Even we can manage it organic, it will take some time to get all development on track. We received a few questions about it, and we are open for any kind of support you might have in mind. Our business model is calculated to have a break even in 2 years. A significant growth by year 3.

Please feel free to contact us for opportunities you want to discuss about. 

Broadcaster Panel Project Phases

It's a three step project, linking all participators of the industry...


Step 1, step to success, lets start with this one...

Our platform is build with a vision on the future. While starting with the first step in our plan, every development is done with our future steps in mind. The Broadcaster Panel Manager is made for the broadcasters itself. They get a lot of features, making it possible to create and manage a radio station like the professionals do.

Step 2, let the music begin...

Even if you could upload your music library to the Broadcaster Panel Manager. It would be nice to get some support from the artists, labels and their promoters as well. Broadcaster Chain is a media distribution platform protected by the blockchain technology. Everyone will have insights on the usage of the media, how many listeners they got, voting results collected from all participating broadcasters.

This way the music is getting the attention they need, and we have a logical formula for payment programs based on income per advertising.

Step 3, Time for a commercial break...

As a broadcaster you will have the freedom to sell your own advertising. But this can be a time consuming job. Broadcaster Adver Manager is a platform for advertisers on a search for the right audience. Making it possible for better targeting and while supported with Block Chain technology, the figures can be trusted. Every Broadcaster, prepared to participate, can link their advertising blocks to the  Adver Manager in order to earn some money.