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Phase III

When the music ends, a little advertising is acceptable...

With Broadcaster Panel we plan 2 major projects to make broadcasting online as complete as possible. With Broadcaster Panel Adver we plan to integrate a third and final phase of our platform.

Broadcasting your Advertising's. While broadcasters can decide if they want to sell and broadcast their own advertising's. It is still a hell of a job to find advertisers to pay for broadcasting time. While we provide each broadcaster reliable statistics protected by the block-chain, to impress their potential customers for buying advertising time, it is in most cases only suitable for local stations with local advertisers. Secondly we offer the station managers a network of advertising campaigns to broadcast over their radio station. You will have a platform where you can select following several criteria the right audience. To calculate the needed budget and to reach the right audience you can make profiles and see the the range of your campaign. 

Keeping track of your budget, flexible enable or disable of your campaigns. When you are running your campaigns, you can easily switch them off and on. You can limit the budget to be spend per day, week, month or year. Stations cannot alter their listener statistics, or streams your advertising broadcast has reached. These are protected by the block-chain. You can plan ahead, cancel or change your campaign whenever you want, without loose of credits. Since online radio is worldwide, and people are more mobile comparing with a few years ago. Every participating Broadcaster Panel radio station is a independent radio stream without interfering from our end. They decide what to play, even on advertising. It is up to you decide if you want to advertise on a radio station or not. Depending on your settings of the campaign, you can set levels on the region of your campaign. 70% Germany means that your advertising can be played on a station where at the moment of your advertising broadcast has got at least 70% listeners located in Germany.