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All participating broadcaster panel servers are connected with the Broadcaster Media Chain. Every piece of music is registered and logged by the blockchain.

With smart contracts of the blockchain all copy right holders claim their identity and get their payout following the contract and usage by the stations and their DJ's.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo text and image block

Smart Contracts

Every track being uploaded by their owners themselves or by DJ's or Station managers will be linked to the blockchain.

Depending on the smart contracts there can be a payout to their rightful owners and to the stations. When stations upload their own media, and identify the ownership by tagging and updating the media data. Also the participating radio stations will get the information provided from the chain once recognized.

Frequently Asked Question

about Broadcaster Media Chain


            While Broadcaster Panel for radio automation is started the plans and links are being prepared for starting with the development of the Media Chain. Since good feedback could alter some plans, we think the Broadcaster Media Chain will be ready for public somewhere in Q3 2019.

            Identification Process Artists & Bands


            Secure your identity NOW!

            Each artist, band or other rightful holders will need to be identified for making it possible to have a proper and rightful payout system. Yet once again, completing forms and signatures, is besides time consuming also a risk. Especially when you don't know the remote party you're registering with.